About us


Bailey here, thank you for stopping by!

I am the owner of Wood + Wool Co, a small business based in Eastern Oregon that creates small batch candles and sewn goods from Pendleton wool. I started this journey in 2014 with repurposing damaged Pendleton wool blankets, refinishing furniture and reselling antiques in a brick and mortar shop in small town America. 

I grew up on a wheat farm just outside of Pendleton, OR. I come from a long line of farmers and antique collectors. I grew up riding horses, thrifting for antiques and being creative, from painting and drawing to bronze work. Creating has always been a passion of mine, and I am so glad to share those creations with you. I started making candles in early 2018, which became my most sought after product. I decided to refocus my business to a candle company and now run a home-based business. You can also find me at seasonal pop-up shows throughout the PNW, follow my social media accounts for event announcements.

Wood + Wool is a company with a focus on locally sourced, sustainable and handmade products. Every candle is hand wicked and hand poured here in the PNW. We use a luxury coconut soy wax blend with wooden wicks in recyclable materials. Our candles are phthalate free and dye free, which makes them a safe and clean burn. Our sewn goods are handmade with genuine Pendleton wool sourced from our hometown of Pendleton, OR.

Apart from running a small business, I am also a wife, a mother and a part-time Dental Hygienist. Growing this small business has afforded me the opportunity to return to work part-time and spend more time at home with my family. Thank you for helping support my dream!

I hope you enjoy each and every one of our products and that they bring you some much needed joy.

-Bailey Hansen

IG: @woodandwoolco
FB: www.facebook.com/woodandwoolco